South Pacific 2003: Foreword

The Lillian B. Maine to San Francisco via Tahiti 2003 – 2004


The following is a collection of personal e-mails chronicling the voyage of the 40’ sailboat, Lillian B., from Maine to San Francisco by way of Tahiti in 2004. It has been supplemented with photographs taken by various crewmembers. The majority of the entries were sent to friends, family and co-workers while enroute. I apologize to anyone not on the initial e-mail distribution list, who would liked to have been. That list grew somewhat haphazardly. This collection is partly for those not included the first time around. It is also intended as a remembrance for those who were there. In a few cases, I took small liberties with places and events, such as in the “scenes” of Penrhyn. But, for the most part, I tried to be both factual and true to my own impressions and feelings. This compilation of e-mails is offered with the caveat that is only one perspective on the trip and therefore only tells one side of the story.

Sam Lowry, 

February  2005

The Lillian B, Anchored off Moorea, French Polynesia

The Lillian B, Anchored off Moorea French Polynesia

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