Eli is coming

Sunday August 31, 2014 (72o 42’N 77o 59’W): Pond Inlet

Flying into Pond Inlet – Photo by Eli Simon

It is now 5 pm. Pete has rowed ashore and if all the flight connections go well, he should be returning with his  friend and fellow mountain climber, Eli Simon.* We plan to have dinner and then leave shortly thereafter. The winds down Baffin Island look good, and we want to take advantage of them while they blow from the north. Once out of the sixty miles leading into Pond Inlet, we will be turning  as due south as the coast permits.

As for the other boats in the “fleet,” we received the following e-mail update from Gjoa:

“Gjoa transited Bellot Strait yesterday (Friday 29th) with Novara and Arctic Tern. Bellot was relatively clear except for a heavy band of ice at the western exit. We (Gjoa) got stuck in it and had to get pulled out by a Russian expedition ship who, luckily, was right behind us. While stuck, a polar bear decided to make an appearance just adding to the drama! Now running down Franklin Strait, Larsen Sound into Gjoa Haven. Still a long way to go, but, supposed to be ice-free now all the way down. Novara and Arctic Tern are way ahead of us. Hope you get on your way home soon …”

Good to hear that the three were able to make it through, (albeit with a little envy). Still have not heard from Drina, whom last known was blocked in Port Leopold, but they have a solid boat and an experienced crew on board. (Drina was planning on wintering over.)

*Short commercial message … if you are in Maine and looking for a climb,  check out Eli’s site:  www.climbacadia.com

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