Heading towards Nova Scotia.

Monday, July 1st  (44o 52’N, 61o54’W): Heading towards Nova Scotia.

Monday morning, July 1st, 1030.  We’ve just finished breakfast on deck as prepared by the cook of the day, Dick Hiatt:  Coffee bread, homemade jam, scrambled eggs, grilled potato slices, and spam (with a brief  tribute to those who knew it well in wars long past). The main sail is to port and the genoa to starboard, running wing-and-wing before a following sea.  The boat moves forward will a gentle circular motion as three foot waves overtake us and pass by.  Last night’s motion was similar, but with larger swells and higher winds, causing the occasional object to roll off a shelf, or a drawer to slide open, but nothing so severe as to prevent those off duty from sleeping soundly.  So far today looks uneventful, under cool skies with some coastal haze. Our entry port for Canada, St. Peter’s is over 80 nautical miles to the East, so at five knots of speed, we estimate arrival sometime early tomorrow.

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